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The meteoric evolution of cosmetic testing

With 25 years of national and international experience in the field of cosmetics skin assessment, we are witnessing several phenomena:

  • Increasing regulatory constraints,
  • Sophistication of the instrumentation offer,
  • Increase in the number and specialization of tests suppliers,
  • Need of a quick and efficient information source on instrumentation and test suppliers news,
  • Waiting for expertise on the part of evaluation responsible,
  • Constant search for innovation.


Evaluation tests in the heart of cosmetics development process

Since the first developments in the R&D and formulation labs until the regulatory, marketing and communication departments, the question of putting forward the evaluation of finished products or ingredients is crucial.

For a given product, a list of issues related to testing becomes essential whether analytical testing, toxicology, tolerance, sensory analysis or efficacy in vitro or in vivo.


A structured and innovative sector

Evaluation testing is as old as cosmetics themselves and has always represented the quality and safety of these products. In recent years, the testing sector is flourishing : manufacturers of instrumentation, testing laboratories, consultants and experts; all place their skills at the service of reliability and innovation.


Skinobs project at the crossroads of skills, experience and networks

Even if the tests prove to be crucial in the development of finished products or active principles cosmetics, there is today no internet platform in the world that collects information on the subject.

From 2013, the project is launched, first in a mission “creation” of the entrepreneurship Master in the Management School of Grenoble, then through the programs Start Business and Innovizi Rhône-Alpes.

2014, was a year of studies and analyses of the project which enables to collect the expectations of all stakeholders in the cosmetics industry. The target is to build a site that collect information the cosmeticians need to identify methods and relevant laboratories.

  • What methods for what claim?
  • What laboratory for what method?


Skinobs information site is dedicated to cosmetics testing

Skinobs offers a technological and marketing watch on the methods, apparatus and tests for each:

  • brand,
  • full suppliers service,
  • active principles and ingredients manufacturer,
  • distributor of ingredients,

Reading Skinobs they can add value to their products with the most suitable methods and relevant partners.

Consultation and publication are free for the collaborative sharing of information.

We wish you an interesting reading.


Anne Charpentier

Conception and administration




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