Chronological Age vs Biological Age: Can Aging be Reversed? via InsideScientific

24 August 2023

While our chronological age is on a fixed trajectory, biological age is a far more variable determination of health. Two individuals could be born simultaneously, but their bodies and subsequently, their cells, could be vastly different in age due to a variety of life circumstances.

Disease, drug treatment, lifestyle changes, and environmental exposures have all been observed to influence biological age, however, these changes are not absolute (1,2). Interest in the malleability of biological age has been increasing as the technology and information capable of measuring biological age have improved substantially (3,4).

Additionally, as human longevity has been steadily increasing since the turn of the last century, understanding the mechanisms behind age-related illnesses has become an increasingly significant public health dilemma (2,3).

Having a simplified summary of one’s current health status could prove extremely beneficial for both health care professionals and individuals alike, but how does one measure their biological age?

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