We Are Testing, a new concept by Skinobs

28 November 2023

What is We Are Testing?

🌎 Eco-responsibility at cosmetics trade shows! Last May in New York, Skinobs launched 🍏 a new collaborative way of making players in the testing field visible: instrumentation manufacturers, testing laboratories or consultants through the various cosmetics industry trade shows.

It was during discussions with the StratiCELL team that this idea was born at the beginning of 2023, and very quickly Martin BARAIBAR from OxiProteomics and Fabrice Monti from Microfactory joined forces for the 1st edition in New York with a joint “We Are Testing” stand enabling them to present their expertise to North American cosmeticians.

🎯 We are Testing is you!

“We Are Testing” is a practical, eco-responsible and dynamic way for those involved in testing, large and small, to be present at the events that count in the sector.

“We Are Testing” is an intelligent solution which, thanks to the synergy of each exhibitor and the strength of Skinobs’ communication, shares the latest innovations with test managers from all over the world.

“We Are Testing” is a new space for meetings and exchanges specially dedicated to assessment managers at international trade fairs:

  • Offer a 360° view of assessment from around the world
  • Share the recognised expertise of test providers,
  • Provide the keys to speeding up testing projects with the latest innovations

Our events

  1. Skinobs launched “We Are Testing” at the NYSCC trade fair in New York from 2 to 3 May 2023. Microfactory, Straticell and OxiProteomics were on hand to support us in this new adventure!
  2. The second edition of “We Are testing” was held in Bangkok in November for in-cosmetics Asia, with Syres Singapore as co-exhibitor.
  3. This new adventure continues with a new 40m2 stand scheduled for New York for Suppliers Days on 1-2 May 2024 with Microfactory, CIDP, Biox Systems Ltd, SYRES, NEURON EXPERTS and LTDS. The stand is fully booked! 🍀 On the strength of this enthusiasm, we are preparing for Suppliers Days 2025 with 8 co-exhibitors!

đŸš© Next are planned:

👉 Would you like to join the next “We-Are-Testing” stand? For more information, please contact EloĂŻse Verrier at everrier@skinobs.com.

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