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A Physicochemical-Sensing Electronic Skin for Stress Response Monitoring via Nature

Approaches to quantify stress responses typically rely on subjective surveys and questionnaires. Wearable sensors can potentially be used to continuously monitor stress-relevant biomarkers.

However, the biological stress response is spread across the nervous, endocrine and immune systems, and the capabilities of current sensors are not sufficient for condition-specific stress response evaluation. Here we report an electronic skin for stress response assessment that non-invasively monitors three vital signs (pulse waveform, galvanic skin response and skin temperature) and six molecular biomarkers in human sweat (glucose, lactate, uric acid, sodium ions, potassium ions and ammonium).

We develop a general approach to prepare electrochemical sensors that relies on analogous composite materials for stabilizing and conserving sensor interfaces. The resulting sensors offer long-term sweat biomarker analysis of more than 100 h with high stability.

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