Microbiome Misinformation: Tame Down on Excessive Use of Hype or Risk Consumer Burnout – Expert via Cosmetics Design Asia

2 February 2024

Skin microbiome may be the talk of the town in recent times, but founder of Aussie cosmetics brand Mary Grace, has warned against excessive use of “hype words”, as consumers could grow fatigue of the trend before it fully takes off.

Although microbiome-friendliness is an emerging trend, some consumers are already getting burned out about it, said Mary Gouganovski

“As every individual’s microbiome is unique, it is, in reality, hard to be microbiome-friendly. In Australia, words like microbiome just go over local consumers’ head because they tend to not like overly specific or overly scientific things attached to products like skin care,” ​she told CosmeticsDesign-Asia​.

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