Abich Academy Courses on Cosmetic Testing

31 August 2023

🗓️ Save the date:  from October begins the journey that delves into the secrets of cosmetic testing in detail.


The courses of Abich will be online in streaming


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📧 Write us to receive more information at Academy@abich.it

Did you know that any cosmetic brand, even small cosmetic brands, putting cosmetic products into the marketplace are responsible for the quality and shelf life of that product, even if they have it contract manufactured or formulated? Fulfill this very essential cosmetic quality requirement and protect your cosmetic brand from issues with quality or stability.

Contract these steps out to get the required evidence and learn to do them with our Abich Academy program.

Abich Academy, with a varied schedule of courses in presence and online thanks to a network of experts and consultants among the most qualified in the national panorama, proposes an operating method based on constant dialogue with the companies in the sector to collect the needs and make available the best possible training content.


Training is a key factor for people and companies who want to innovate and remain competitive on the market. Abich Academy offers its know-how and the best opportunities working for a long time and in close contact with different entities in the cosmetic and medical sector. In addition, through specific refresher and training courses, you can constantly keep up with the latest trends and cutting-edge industry, anticipating the market and competition.


What are you waiting for? Join the Abich Academy training course!


Every month we have different courses in Chemistry, Cosmetics, Doctor visit our website for more information 👇🏼👇🏼


Registration still available, course info at the link:  https:///www.abich.it/evento/abich-academy-corsi-di-formazione-cosmetici/

The courses will be held on the online platform “Zoom”.






Save time and easily find the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your actives and cosmetics claims

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