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Ageing is a natural process, how to evaluate the wrinkles by Eotech

Face wrinkles : even celebrities!

Aging is a natural process that affects everyone differently. It is also an inevitable evolution that we all face. Eventually, the wrinkles come with it.

While some may see wrinkles as a negative aspect of maturing caused by muscle contractions or repeated facial expressions, some decide to accept them by making it a distinctive sign of their character.

Founded in 1993, Eotech offers hardware and software solutions to measure pores, wrinkles and fine lines, folds and volumes, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of skincare and anti-aging products on panels of volunteers. Eotech designs, manufacture and supplies its own solutions, based on 30+ years of experience in cosmetic efficacy testing, to exceed its customer expectations.

Let’s review some the evocative names of the lines of the cutaneous relief.

Crow’s Feet (Pattes d’oie)

Crow’s feet or laugh lines often a result of tiny muscles contracting in the outer corner of your eyes as you experience the many different emotions that influence your facial expressions: laughter, stress, grief and sadness. Things like sun exposure, your diet and your genetics are all contributing factors. A Classical Zone Of Interest to assess anti-aging claims with 3D image analysis.

Smoker’s Lines (Rides du fumeur ou rides ‘’codes-barres’’)

While smoking certainly has a detrimental effect on skin, they are also given the term lipstick lines because lipstick has the potential to settle and « bleed » into the folds formed around the mouth. Smoker lines can also be caused by the natural aging process as we get older and produce less collagen, excess sunlight exposure, frequent facial movements of the lips.

Elevens (Rides du lion)

The term « elevens » refers to the vertical lines that appear on the glabela when you frown, often aligned with the edges of the bridge of the nose. Also called frown lines because the skin in this area inevitably folds when we frown or are sad, these wrinkles can also be a result of repeated squinting. Some individuals
might have only one line, while others could have three or more.

Bunny Lines (Rides du lapin)

Bunny lines can form when you wrinkle your nose as you smile or laugh, which is why they are categorised as dynamic wrinkles, mainly appearing when doing facial expressions. They may not be very visible when you are resting your face but can become more pronounced as the skin loses its elasticity.

Marionette Lines (Rides d’Amertume)

Marionette lines, also called melomental folds, are creases that extend from the corners of your mouth to your chin. The name comes from marionette string puppets, which have pronounced vertical lines in the same place.They often develop into deep wrinkles and are often a result of a decline in skin firmness over time, often appearing together with nasolabial folds.

Accordion Lines (Rides en accordéon)

Accordion lines are wrinkles or folds that form around the mouth, nose, and chin due to repetitive facial movements and are more vertical in shape. These lines can make a face look older and more tired. Accordion lines reflect damage to the skin and may appear more pronounced with age.

Turkey Neck (Cou du dindon)

Turkey neck looks fine on a turkey, but wrinkled, loose, or sagging skin on the neck is an undesired side effect of aging for many people. Turkey neck happens when the neck muscles begin to weaken and the skin loses elasticity.

Text neck

Tech neck refers to wrinkles that appear as horizontal creases along the neck. They are due to the time spent looking at our digital devices and smartphone, the head tilted. The increasing use of technology may seem like a surprising cause of wrinkles that you can prevent by practicing correct posture while
working on computers and keeping your phone at eye level while you text.

From an «efficiency tests» point of view, these lines of the neck and face relief can all be measured and their evolution quantified by a 3D Eotech analysis system.


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