Boost Your Test at in-cosmetics Global 2024 : The Best Place to Talk about Testing with Zurko Research

15 February 2024



Cosmeticians from all over the world are reuniting once again at in-cosmetics global, allowing much-needed and fruitful exchanges with partners, suppliers and customers.

👉 The Skinobs team will be glad to welcome you in the BOOST YOUR TEST 1T89 area for the 5th year, to talk with you about your evaluation projects during your visit at in-cosmetics global in Paris, from April 16th to 18th 2024.



It is time for cosmeticians from all over the world to schedule their visit to in-cosmetics global in Paris.

Skinobs invites skincare creators and ingredient manufacturers to visit BOOST YOUR TEST [1T89], organized in collaboration with in-cosmetics Global in the heart of the Testing & Lab area.

It aims to guide you in your evaluation process and to advise whatever classic or innovative claims to be assessed. This is to help you to identify the most appropriate methods and choose the right Contact Research Organization (CROs) around the world that best match your evaluation specifications for:

  • Preclinical assays in-tubo, in-vitro or ex-vivo such as stability, safety, container-content or efficacy assays,
  • Clinical objectivation such as tolerance, efficacy, sensory analysis, or consumer tests.


Skinobs will be present booth 1T89

with Zurko Research




Unlocking Insights: A 12-Year Study on Seasonal Hair Loss Patterns at Zurko CTC

The hair care market is poised for a 6% growth over the next 5 years, driving a heightened focus on the development of safer and more effective products, particularly those targeting hair shedding. Influenced by factors like hormones, medication, diet, stress, and seasonality, the hair growth cycle, with an average daily hair loss of around 100 strands, is sensitive to disruptions, leading to effluvium and potential permanent hair loss.

At Zurko CTC, we conducted a comprehensive 12-year study investigating hair loss, density, and their correlation with a key modulating factor—seasonality. Spanning from 2011 to 2023 and involving 1,013 adult subjects experiencing hair loss, our research employed meticulous combing tests and hair density evaluations using epiluminescence microscopy (TrichoScan).

Statistical analysis revealed a significant upswing in telogen hairs during peak periods of August and September, showcasing distinct annual periodicity patterns. A secondary, less pronounced peak occurred in spring, while lower telogen rates were noted in late winter.

Recent study results hinted at a potential link between climate change and increased hair loss, notably peaking during the pandemic.

In conclusion, our detailed methodology and robust statistical analyses provide a solid foundation for a deeper understanding of annual rhythms influencing human hair growth. This paves the way for future research and therapeutic interventions, emphasizing the relevance of circannual rhythms in the adaptive or evolutionary history of the scalp and hair. Recommendations for future studies advocate placebo-controlled trials with targeted recruitment based on hair biology.


To discover more, visit Zurko CTC at In Cosmetics Global

Connect on Skinobs: click here

Business contact – Laura Cabrera – laura.cabrera@zurkoctc.com


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