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Meet awesome exhibitors on Day 1 Clinical testing – May 29 2024

15 May 2024

The Annual International Professional Symposium returns in 2024!

Live or Online

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Organized by Cosmet’in Lyon and Skinobs, Cosmetotest enables cosmeticians from all over the world to attend academic and applied conferences and interact with participants, meet testing partners, 30 exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers, and take part in equipment demonstrations.

Building on the success of its last two editions with more than 200 attendees, Cosmetotest is back with a bang in 2024, tackling new themes to bring together the most prestigious players in the cosmetics world.

Attend Cosmetotest Symposium its the opportunity to:

  • Listen to 20 academic conferences
  • Discover 23 Short talks
  • Meet 30 exhibitors
  • Exchange with the Scientists of the Beauty Evaluation community

The Exibitors DAY1

📌 Abich 

ABICH Lifeanalytics is a leading research organization specializing in preclinical and clinical testing services for the pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic, and chemical industries. With a multidisciplinary team of experts and state-of-the-art facilities, ABICH provides comprehensive solutions for product development, safety assessments, and regulatory compliance. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures the highest quality standards and reliable results tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Established as a trusted partner in the field, ABICH Srl continues to drive advancements in science and technology, contributing to the success of our clients worldwide.


📌 Ambiotis

Ambiotis is an innovative company with a worldwide-recognized expertise in evaluating the biological efficacy of cosmetics. Our experimental approaches (in-vitro and ex-vivo) as well as our solid analytical expertise allow us to assess the efficacy of new products dedicated to skin disorders such as irritation, acne, pollution, aging or again atopic dermatitis by combining the study of the main biological properties of the skin  (barrier, defense or immune functions).  We also have the capacities to analyse biomarkers in a large variety of samples (cell supernatants, sebum, tissues…) in both preclinical and vivo studies. More specifically, Ambiotis is specialized in the evaluation of skin homeostasis, by studying the process of inflammation resolution. Resolution is a natural biological process essential to control a skin disorder and restore a correct balance in the tissues, characterized by the synthesis of specific mediators, called SPM (Specialized Pro-resolving Mediators) such as lipoxins, resolvins, protectins, maresins.


📌 Byome Labs

BYŌME LABS is an innovative startup specializing in microbiome testing and analysis for the cosmetic industry. Born from a passion and commitment to microbiome-related technological innovation, our team comprises recognized experts in skin, scalp, vaginal, and oral microbiomes, as well as biochemistry, immunology, and artificial intelligence. Recognizing the potential of this knowledge for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, we created BYŌME LABS, a dedicated entity focused on microbiome knowledge and recognition for cosmetics. Our vision is to redefine beauty standards by adopting a scientific and technological approach to the microbiome, enabling consumers to identify a skincare routine perfectly suited to their skin. At BYŌME LABS, our mission is to continuously develop innovative solutions aimed at personalizing beauty while preserving the balance and health of each individual’s microbiome. Our approach is based on research, science, and real physical analysis of the consumer’s skin condition, ushering in a new era in skincare towards microbiome balance for all.


📌 Complife

Complife is an INTERNATIONAL GROUP that provides consulting and testing services for cosmetics, food supplements, medical devices & pharma. Our science specialists help you assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of your products, as well as their chemical and microbiological features. Our Regulatory staff offers a total support for compliance with regulation: from R&D through production, distribution, up to market support. We have an international network (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, China, USA) that helps us to ensure a widespread presence and a worldwide overview. While our local laboratories ensure a focused and totally tailored reply to the clients.


📌 Cortex

Cortex Technology is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge SKIN ANALYSIS TOOLS and cryosurgical equipment. All engineered, designed, and assembled by hand in Denmark. Tailored for dermatology, global research in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and aesthetic clinics, our instruments exemplify exceptional quality and precision. With over 30 years dedicated to the business of skin, we boast an in-depth understanding that makes us your professional experts in the field. Visit our booth to witness a demonstration of our latest innovation, the DermaLab Combo 4 – a cutting-edge tool for advanced skin analysis. This state-of-the-art device precisely measures diverse skin parameters, such as collagen levels, elasticity, hydration, TEWL, pH, and sebum. Choose from a wide range of 11 parameters to customize your analysis, allowing you to combine up to 9 important parameters in one device. Join the Cortex team to experience the future of skin analysis – and take advantage of our exclusive show prices!


📌 Damae Medical

Damae Medical is a developer of innovative imaging devices and artificial intelligence solutions that provide unmatched diagnostic support to dermatologists. Since 2014, Damae Medical has incorporated its LC-OCT (Line-field Confocal Optical Coherence Tomography) technology, combining RCM, OCT and Artificial Intelligence, into its deepLive™ solution to provide a truly unique tool to dermatologists. DeepLive™ offers the only real-time digital 3D biopsy for basal cell carcinomas, melanomas, actinic keratoses or squamous cell carcinomas, and many others. Damae Medical’s skin imaging device, has obtained CE-marking Class IIa and has been deployed in +14 countries worldwide. DeepLive™ is used by dermatologists in their daily practice for rapid and accurate skin diagnosis and by leading cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for research and evaluation.


📌 Dermaclaim

Dermocosmetic testing laboratory focused in the analysis of products and the substantiation of efficacy and functionality claims, through in vitro bioassays and clinical testing in human volunteers. We provide you with R&D testing and counseling, focused on scientific quality and your marketing and sales needs. Dermaclaim wants to be your “Test & Trust” partner. Our mission is to ensure the generation of accurate and innovative findings to substantiate the marketing claims. The company was born from the desire to offer the most reliable testing service, based on our passion for excellence and unique focus for quality, after more than 9 years of expertise in the cosmetic and food-nutraceutical business. We offer one of the best scientific reports in the market and customer support in a comfort, close, and high-quality manner. We use the most innovative and cutting-edge equipments and technologies, with full transparency (the customer has complete access to raw data). All of this following a high quality-to-cost ratio. Cost-effective testing.


📌 Dr Goya

DR. GOYA ANÁLISIS (VIRTUS Group) located in Alcalá de Henares, with more than forty years of activity, provides support to the Cosmetic, Healthcare Product and Food Supplement Industry. It offers quality control tests (Detection of Pathogens, Sterility and Bioburden, quantification of preservatives, compliance with physical-chemical specifications and cleaning validations, through the microbiological control of water, air and surfaces), and tests necessary for its implementation. the market (Challenge test, Stability, HPLC, Compatibility and Detection of Traces and Impurities). During 2020, its new Department of Clinical Evaluations (CRO) was launched, which offers efficacy studies of cosmetic products, medical devices, food supplements, taking advantage of the patient database of its research center, Centro Médico Complutense (VIRTUS Group), and its team of healthcare professionals from all specialties.


📌 Eotech

Founded in 1993, Eotech offers complementary solutions for surface characterization and 3D scanning. Eotech also develops its own solutions, where you will find all its knowledge and skills to best meet customer applications.


📌 Eurofins

Eurofins Dermscan France is a reference in clinical trials of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products since 1990. The Lyon site assesses safety, efficacy and sensory or consumer appreciation of cosmetics, hygiene products, sunscreen, cosmetic fabrics, beauty devices, etc. Always respecting the good clinical practice and regulatory requirements, Eurofins Dermscan responds optimally to customers’ requirements with either standard or customized solutions. Eurofins Dermscan uses innovative methods based on the expertise of R&D team as well as new devices and analysis software at the cutting edge of technology. Created in 2001, Eurofins Pharmascan is the brand of Eurofins Dermscan specialized in clinical studies and interventional or non-interventional biomedical researches. ISO 9001 certified, Eurofins Pharmascan offers custom made protocols to assess the safety and the efficacy of Dermocosmetics, Hygiene products, Biocides, Food supplements, Health oriented products, Medical devices, Drugs.Eurofins Pharmascan conducts studies on site (CRC activity) and/or in medical offices (CRO activity).


📌 Genoscreen

GenoScreen specializes for more than 20 years in molecular microbiology and genomics applied to skin microbiome analysis. We provide our technologies and experts for your dermocosmetic products impact studies, and adapt our solutions for your research and development projects. Scientific evidence-based substantiation : GenoBiome® Skin is GenoScreen’s all-in-one solution for skin microbiome analysis, from the experimental protocol design to results interpretation, through different sequencing technologies, dedicated bioinformatics pipelines and supported by our microbiology experts.


📌 Gredeco

GREDECO is a research group specialized in the clinical and preclinical evaluation in cosmetology and dermatology. Our company is dedicated to thoroughly studying the effects and efficacy of cosmetic products and medical device by implementing rigorous and innovative evaluation protocols. Our team consists of Dermatologist and researchers to conduct high-quality clinical and pre clinical studies. Our goal is to ensure the safety and efficacy of cosmetics products while contributing to the advancement of research in this field.


📌 Inovapotek

Inovapotek is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) that offers a wide range of tailored research and testing services in the field of dermatology. Our services cater to various industries such as Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, and Food Supplements. We’re committed to scientific excellence and innovation in the development and testing of products that meet both regulatory demands and consumer needs. We offer tailor-made services with precise time-planning. Our culture is built on trust and empathy, prioritizing open communication and feedback. We prioritize tasks and execute them with speed and rigor, building partnerships based on trust, integrity, and a shared vision for success. Our business is taking care of yours.


📌 Intertek

With over 30 years of experience, Intertek Clinical Studies is a Paris-based center that provides efficacy, safety and suncare studies to support cosmetic product claims. We are accustomed to recruiting volunteers of different typologies for these studies through our database of pre-qualified volunteers and a network of experienced clinical researchers. Clinical studies are conducted on all types of products such as cosmetics, make-up products, ingredients and raw materials, sun protection products, cosmetotextiles, beauty and hair care products, spa and institute treatments, but also dietary supplements or medical devices. Our Intertek team is at your disposal to assist you in your clinical study projects:


📌 Microfactory

Since its inception in 2014 by Patrick Tabeling and Fabrice Monti, Microfactory has been at the forefront of pioneering microfluidic solutions for industrial products. Guided by Fabrice Monti since January 2017, the company has prioritized innovative research, particularly within the cosmetics sector. Collaborating with industry peers and CNRS/ESPCI laboratories, Microfactory has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, notably in sweat production research. Despite initial challenges in cosmetic testing, the company strategically shifted focus to microfluidics services, ensuring sustained research and development and fostering growth. Offering three key technologies—Smart-pore for antiperspirant evaluation, U-Skin for makeup evaluation, and T-Skin for skincare transepidermal effect—Microfactory remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions. With a resilient spirit and dedication to technological advancement, Microfactory continues to lead the way in microfluidic innovation, shaping the future of industrial product evaluation.


📌 Miravex

Miravex is an Irish company specialized in the areas of optics, image analysis and software engineering. A highly innovative company, Miravex has introduced a new concept in skin imaging with the Antera 3D camera, and has established itself as one of the leading providers of cameras for skin analysis worldwide. The Antera 3D CS is a research-grade system designed to support Cosmetic Manufacturers, Cosmetic Brands, Contract Research Organizations and Universities to substantiate efficacy claims in clinical trials or test cosmetic formulations in internal studies.


📌 Novitom

NOVITOM is the first full-service provider to specialize in 3D micro-imaging and micro-analysis based on synchrotron technology. Novitom’s innovative techniques go beyond laboratory methods to reveal the internal microstructure of materials with an exceptional level of quality. Novitom’s techniques are adapted to the analysis of products and tissues (hair, skin, nails). Their sensitivity gives you the opportunity to accurately assess the effects of cosmetics:

  • – non-destructive 3D histology of explants and modified tissues,
  • – chemical imaging to assess the penetration of cosmetics into hair, skin, nails,
  • – interaction of creams with lipids of the stratum corneum,
  • – imaging and evaluation of surface effects,
  • – changes of mechanical parameters after treatment.

NOVITOM will help you reveal the effect of your cosmetics on skin and hair, improve formulation and optimize processes.


📌 Orion


  • 25 Years of experience for the expertise in dermocosmetology
  • Consultancy, advice and training for your Innovative Product Evaluation …
  • Expertise and services for the Skin Imaging and Image Analysis


  • Development, sales and support of innovative and validated devices and methods,
  • Tools and software to study the skin and the efficacy of dermo-cosmetics products …
  • Innovative Systems for the biometrology of the skin and the efficacy of products.


📌 PhD Trials

PhD Trials® is an leading European in vivo CRO  (International Contract Research Organization),  engaged into the clinical assessment of safety and efficacy of products for topical application (cosmetic, raw materials and food products). We are a multidisciplinary team of skin specialists, boasting more than 25 years of experience in the scientific support to the cosmetic industry. PhD Trials has a database of more than 20000 subjects, and has all the state of the art systems including a Confocal Microscopy system, multiple 3D scanners including an AEVA-HE full system, and a Raman Spectroscopy unit for evaluation skin in vivo in a 2000 sqm facilities.


📌 Pixience

French leader in skin imaging, Pixience works every day in partnership with researchers and dermatologists to develop high-quality products intended for skin and hair imaging and analysis. We are ISO 13 thousand, 4 hundred and 85 certified and we are firmly committed to providing products of irreproachable quality, made with care in France. The C-Cube 3 combines in a single instrument the ability to evaluate 2D criteria: color, surface, pigmentation, erythema, ITA and 3D: roughness, depth, symmetry and texture distribution on the skin. The C-Cube 3 is equipped with an Ultra-HD camera, patented LED indirect lighting and exclusive 3D colorimetric and geometric calibration. This technology guarantees 0.1% accuracy and reproducibility of your measurements. It’s the ideal imager for analyzing all areas of the body and meeting all your requirements.


📌 Scibase

SciBase is the developer and producer of Nevisense, the first-ever clinical tool to diagnose skin disorders using electrical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Nevisense is FDA-approved and CE-marked for skin cancer detection and is published in over 80 research projects globally across a range of skin disorders. SciBase was founded in 1998 from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and has become a rapidly-growing leader in the skin research field.


📌 SP Equation 

Specialized for more than 15 years in the in vitro evaluation of hair care products and and the preparation of evaluation support, SP Equation has naturally extended its activity to the evaluation of cosmetics, sun care and make-up products. Our vocation is to support cosmetic brand or raw material supplier throughout their product development projects and help them make their products more reliable and efficient. Beyond our technical expertise, we are committed to be a true partner capable of providing tailor-made solutions developed in a collaboration spirit.


📌 Weneos (ex Helioscreen)

From a testing laboratory to a center of expertise of sun protection, WENEOS has been specialized in the evaluation of the sun protection of cosmetic products for 25 years. The center developed equipment compliant with current standards for a better reliability in the testing process : the Helioplate PMMA Molded HD6 and Sandblasted SB6 substrates, the robotic spreading with our SPREADMASTER and many more (THERMASTER, Solar Light devices…). It also offers many tests to meet your needs: official tests according to the latest methods and standards in force (ISO 24443:2021 for in vitro UVAPF & CW, FDA 2011), packs combining in vitro and in vivo evaluations (ISO 24444:2019 for in vivo SPF), as well as specific methods (Blue Light, Infrared, UVA Long, Sweat Resistance, Sand Resistance).


📌 Zurko Research

Zurko Research stands as the largest Spanish and a prominent European CRO, boasting nearly 20 years of expertise. Operating from various sites in Spain and an office in NYC, Zurko Research specializes in In-Vivo Clinical Efficacy and Safety studies for Cosmetics, Medical Devices, and Food Supplements. Since 2021, CTC Barcelona, recognized as Europe’s premier Hair Care testing lab, has joined the Zurko Research group. This collaboration broadens our scope, providing an extensive range of In-Vivo and Ex-Vivo Hair Care studies.



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