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Enhance Your Genomic Capabilities with Promega

28 June 2024

Genomics plays a significant role in the development and testing of cosmetic products, from R&D studies to safety, efficacy testing, and microbiological quality control.

Promega’s Expertise

With an expertise of more than 40 years in genomic analysis including nucleic acid purification, Promega is your partner for DNA and RNA purification from a wide range of samples, included 2D and 3D cultured cells, tissue culture, skin…

Depending on your needs, we offer customizable solutions that will best fit your throughput: manual kits, benchtop automated Maxwell® systems as well as 96/384 well plate formats.

Discover Maxwell® automated systems

Maxwell® RSC and RSC 48 automated systems are designed to streamline and standardize  the extraction of DNA and RNA from your samples, delivering high-purity nucleic acids suitable for sensitive downstream applications, including PCR, qPCR, sequencing, and other complex molecular analyses such as metagenomics1.

You can extract up to 16 or 48 samples at a time, with minimal handling and quick protocols ranging from 35 min to 1 hour. The prefilled single-use cartridges contain all necessary reagents for the extraction process. Each cartridge is designed for a specific type of nucleic acid (DNA, RNA, miRNA) and sample type (blood, tissue, cells, etc.). No loss of reagents or dead volumes, just load what you need.

The user-friendly interface and intuitive software will make it easily accessible to a wide range of users. Sample and reagent tracking capabilities will minimize the risk of errors, enhance data integrity, and support compliance with regulatory requirements.

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How can Maxwell® meet your needs ?

Extract DNA from treated skin cells or tissues with Maxwell® RSC genomic DNA kit and assess DNA damage2 and genotoxicity of a compound by PCR analysis.

Use Maxwell ® simplyRNA Cell or Tissue kit to extract RNA for gene expression analysis and evaluate cell health or cytotoxic effect of ingredients on cells. RNA studies2,3 can also be used to measure the expression of genes related to collagen production, hydration, and other anti-aging markers.

Detection of contaminants is a key quality control assay. Maxwell® RSC Pathogen TNA kit will allow you to extract DNA from microbial contaminants such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Looking for higher throughput ?

Our dedicated Team of Field Support Scientists can support you in adapting Maxwell chemistry on leading automation platforms, including Tecan Fluent® and Freedom EVO®, KingFisher™, Hamilton STAR and STARlet, Beckman Biomek® i5 and i7, Analytik Jena CyBio FeliX, Eppendorf EpMotion…

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