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“If things go in the Wrong Direction, it Could be a Significant Challenge to the Industry”: Cosmetics Europe director on EU Regulations

30 April 2024

We spoke to John Chave, director-general at trade body Cosmetics Europe, about changing regulations, what’s important for the cosmetics industry in Europe right now and what’s potentially coming next…

With sustainability in the limelight, ever-changing regulations, as well as the rapidly changing needs of consumers, there’s a lot for the industry to consider.

Cosmetics Design Europe (CDE): What have been some of the most notable events on Cosmetics Europe’s agenda over the past year?​

John Chave (JC):​ Last year was particularly intense in terms of things happening around the world; policy proposals and regulatory changes, but also in terms of some of the proactive activities we’ve undertaken to address certain aspects of our industry that we felt were crucial for our evolution going forward. We’ve launched the first phase of our COSMILE app​ and there’s another phase of the app to come, with an elaboration of the database called a widget, which will allow anybody to access the database through a website.

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