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Skinly: A Novel Nandheld IoT Device for Validating Biophysical Skin Characteristics via Pubmed

Recent advancements in artificial intelligence have revolutionized dermatological diagnostics. These technologies, particularly machine learning (ML), including deep learning (DL), have shown accuracy equivalent or even superior to human experts in diagnosing skin conditions like melanoma. With the integration of ML, including DL, the development of at home skin analysis devices has become feasible. To this end, we introduced the Skinly system, a handheld device capable of evaluating various personal skin characteristics noninvasively.

Equipped with a moisture sensor and a multi-light-source camera, Skinly can assess age-related skin parameters and specific skin properties. Utilizing state-of-the-art DL, Skinly processed vast amounts of images efficiently. The Skinly system’s efficacy was validated both in the lab and at home, comparing its results to established “gold standard” methods.

Our findings revealed that the Skinly device can accurately measure age-associated parameters, that is, facial age, skin evenness, and wrinkles. Furthermore, Skinly produced data consistent with established devices for parameters like glossiness, skin tone, redness, and porphyrin levels. A separate study was conducted to evaluate the effects of two moisturizing formulations on skin hydration in laboratory studies with standard instrumentation and at home with Skinly.

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