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Study Shows “Psychosocial Stress Can Be a Triggering Factor for the Worsening of Acne” via CosmeticsDesign Europe

A team of Italian researchers have shown that acne worsening was strongly correlated with high levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms, with increased perception of stress and low-to-moderate adaptive and resilience skills.

Findings of a study* published in peer-reviewed journal Cosmetics​in late October 2023 revealed the potential link between the worsening of skin condition acne vulgaris and high levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms, along with an elevated sense of stress and low-to-moderate levels of adaptability and resilience.

The observational, multicentre study aimed to measure the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown on acne patients’ quality of life, stress levels, and anxiety and/or depression symptoms.

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