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The impact of longevity on the beauty industry via Happi

Michele Superchi is vice president of BeautyStreams and featured presenter at In-Cosmetics Global. The world’s largest exhibition for the global cosmetics industry is set for April 16-18 in Paris. Superchi recently spoke with Happi to discuss the unique beauty needs of older consumers.

Happi: Years ago, it was generally believed that once a woman reaches 70 and is out of the workforce, her interest in regular cosmetic application declines. At the same time, hair color use declines as well. How does the concept of Health-Span Beauty change that?

Superchi: The beauty market is finally shifting from a youth-centric standpoint to one that recognizes and respects the concept of ageless beauty. This creates opportunities for brands to cater to consumers with mature skin, with color cosmetics that are formulated to work with the skin as it ages.

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