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Consumer Spectroscopy : We Integrate Near-Infrared Spectroscopy into Smartphones by trinamiX

trinamiX is taking mobile NIR spectroscopy a huge step further: by seamlessly integrating the technology into smartphones. With our miniaturized NIR module, we provide molecular sensing in a revolutionary small form factor. Now, we have built this module into a first smartphone: We have worked with Qualcomm Technologies and trinamiX Consumer Spectroscpy is running on the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 reference design phone.

Our spectroscopy solution for consumers

trinamiX’s solution is the unique combination of a miniaturized spectrometer and consumer applications. Our hardware module is small enough to fit into current consumer electronics while providing a full spectroscopic design. Performing a measurement will be as easy as pointing the smartphone to the skin. Based on these individual analyses, a user app provides real-time insights and tailored advice on how to improve the personal health and fitness condition.

First application in skincare

For the first application of this technology, trinamiX brings together its expertise in spectroscopy and chemometrics with the deep application and industry knowledge of partners like REVEA – provider of high-quality skincare science and customized care products that democratize dermatology and helps to put consumers in control of their skin. The collaboration of REVEA and trinamiX is looking at a product development for skin health analysis through molecular biomarker measurement, with skin moisture being the first exemplary use case.

“At Revea, we care deeply about helping our customers find the right skincare products for their individual needs,” said Troels Marstrand, Founder and CTO of REVEA. “trinamiX’s technology can be a game changer for the industry. By measuring the moisture level of a person’s skin, this technology adds additional insights to Revea’s visual skin analysis. This will further improve skincare recommendations helping users to find the right treatment for their skin type, and keep tabs on their hydration levels – all with a simple scan.”

trinamiX is open for further collaborations to expedite the broad adoption of Consumer Spectroscopy for various industries and applications.

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