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We Are Testing by Skinobs at New-York Suppliers’ Day 2024 with Microfactory


Cosmeticians from all over the world are reuniting once again at the New-York Suppliers’ Day the 1&2 May 2024, allowing much-needed and fruitful exchanges with partners, suppliers and customers.

👉 The Skinobs team will be delighted to welcome you booth 1655, to talk with you about your evaluation projects during your time at NY Suppliers’ Day!

The event is also the occasion for Skinobs to plan the third edition of “We are testing”, a way for visitors to discover testing labs expertise during the show.

As a reminder, Skinobs’ mission is to guide you in your evaluation process and to advise whatever classic or innovative claims to be assessed. This is to help you to identify the most appropriate methods and choose the right Contact Research Organization (CROs) around the world that best match your evaluation specifications for :

  • Clinical objectivation such as tolerance, efficacy, sensory analysis, or consumer tests,
  • Preclinical assays in-tubo, in-vitro or ex-vivo such as stability, safety, container-content or efficacy assays.




We are Testing is you! “We Are Testing” is a practicaleco-responsible, and dynamic way for those involved in testing, large and small, to be present at the events that count in the sector.

“We Are Testing” is an intelligent solution which, thanks to the synergy of each exhibitor and the strength of Skinobs’ communication, shares the latest innovations with test managers from all over the world.

“We Are Testing” is a new space for meetings and exchanges specially dedicated to assessment managers at international trade fairs:

  • Offer a 360° view of assessment from around the world
  • Share the recognized expertise of test providers,
  • Provide the keys to speeding up testing projects with the latest innovations

We Are Testing is a new adventure by Skinobs, and we are thrilled to be able to share this concept around the world!



Skinobs will share its booth 1655 with 6 others co-exhibitors, including Microfactory

Advancing Cosmetic Testing: A fusion of innovation and efficiency

In the realm of cosmetic product assessment, Microfactory, a pioneering French startup, has redefined the landscape of testing platforms related to skin excretions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, including patented microfluidics skin-like chips and automated photo-optical microscopic monitoring, Microfactory’s platform offers unparalleled insights into sweat and sebum activity, setting a new standard in cosmetic evaluation.

The integration of U-Skin and T-Skin technology represents a paradigm shift in cosmetic testing. By precisely replicating skin conditions and analyzing excretion patterns, Microfactory’s platform provides invaluable data to cosmetic companies, enabling them to optimize product formulations and claims with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

Microfactory’s commercialized testing platforms not only accelerate ingredient screening but also streamline the evaluation process, measuring 24h+ performances in mere hours. This transformative approach addresses the longstanding challenge of costly and delayed product evaluations, allowing companies to secure product performances in earlier stages of formulation, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.

The real-world impact of Microfactory’s technology is profound. Through collaborations with cosmetic companies worldwide, over 600 cosmetics in regions such as France, the US, and Asia have been evaluated using Microfactory’s U-Skin and T-Skin technologies. These evaluations have not only fuelled innovation but also facilitated regulatory compliance, driving the advancement of the global cosmetic industry.

Microfactory’s innovative testing platform, powered by U-Skin and T-Skin technology, heralds a new era of cosmetic evaluation. By combining scientific rigour with technological innovation, Microfactory empowers cosmetic companies to meet consumer needs more effectively while driving continuous innovation in the cosmetic industry.


Retrieve the expertise of Microfactory on the preclinical testing palform : click here



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