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Gold standard skin measurement systems from Courage + Khazaka via ZOOM #30

23 April 2024

You want to assess the different parameters around healthy skin? Here you will find all you need.

The state-of-the-art TEWL probe, Tewameter® TM Hex with its “open chamber” measuring principle has already been successfully established as barrier measurement standard because nothing compares to its accuracy and reproducibility.

Besides the barrier intactness, other benchmark systems, backed up by several hundreds of publications, are available: Corneometer® (skin hydration), Sebumeter®, (sebum content), Skin-pH-Meter, Mexameter® (melanin and erythema assessment), Cutometer (the strength of collagen and elastin fibres), the new Skin-Colorimeter Flex CL 440, Visioscan® imaging and many more.

Build your own measurement centre according to your needs and application. Our almost 40 years of experience are at your disposal.



Diana Khazaka – General Manager Courage + Khazaka


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