HelioScreen Introduces its new Version of Internal Software HelioSoft 🚀

7 September 2023

The HelioSoft is an HelioScreen internal software developed years ago that allows their laboratory to process the data from the studies carried out. Real brain of In Vitro tests, it is the one which calculates the sun protection effectiveness of your products.

Concerned to always providing excellence to their customers, HelioScreen are thrilled to unveil their latest big update of their HelioSoft leading to a cutting-edge software designed to revolutionize the way they work. Packed with innovative features, this new version of HelioSoft is their ultimate solution for boosting productivity, streamlining workflows, and sparking unprecedented reports.


Main Key Features:

🌟 Workflow Enhancement:

HelioScreen say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to automation. Their new HelioSoft automates repetitive processes and reduces errors allowing them to focus on what truly matters: Their expertise and support for their clients.

🔗 One HelioSoft One Study:

Based on the internal origin concept of “One Writing System”, this new version streamlines the different elements included in a study from the Traceability Table, the eCRF and the Raw Data to provide Preliminary Result and Final Report.

⚙️ Intuitive Design Interface:

Their sleek and user-friendly design interface lets them to follow a study effortlessly and gain in productivity to meet deadlines for returning results and reports (via semi-automatic word merge) in few days.

🌐 Environmentally Friendly:

This new version will allow them to drastically reduce papers used in one study to a symbolic number: 0.

📊 Advanced Analytics:

Better decision-making with regards to the validation criteria of a solar test (visualization in a summary table, visual alerts, etc.).

🔒 Regulatory:

Quality oriented and compliant with official methods in calculations and report content (more detailed information) including for examples:

  • In Vitro SPF according to ISO/CD 23675,
  • In Vitro UVAPF & CW according to ISO 24443:2021,
  • In Vitro CW according to FDA 2011,
  • In Vitro UVA:UVB ratio according to Boots Star Rating system 2011,
  • And more…


HelioScreen are delighted to announce that this new version will be effective on September 1, 2023. From this date, you may notice several differences in the validation documents you will receive.

Of course, they will continuously improve their system and they remain at your disposal if necessary.




+33(0)3 44 55 17 91

44 rue Léon Blum, 60100 Creil, France


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