Multispectral Sensor Fusion in SmartWatch for in situ Continuous Monitoring of Human Skin Hydration and Body Sweat Loss via Scientific Reports

7 September 2023

Post-pandemic health operations have become a near-term reality, discussions around wearables are on the rise. How do wearable health solutions effectively deploy and use this opportunity to fill the gap between wellness and healthcare? In this paper, we will talk about wearable healthcare diagnosis, with a particular focus on monitoring skin hydration using optical multi-wavelength sensor fusion. Continuous monitoring of human skin hydration is a task of paramount importance for maintaining water loss dynamics for fitness lovers as well as for skin beauty, integrity and the health of the entire body. Preserving the appropriate levels of hydration ensures consistency of weight, positively affects psychological state, and proven to result in a decrease in blood pressure as well as the levels of “bad” cholesterol while slowing down the aging processes. Traditional methods for determining the state of water content in the skin do not allow continuous and non-invasive monitoring, which is required for variety of consumer, clinical and cosmetic applications.


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