How to Win Over… the ‘Beauty-Fatigued’ Australian Consumer via Cosmetics Design Asia

23 November 2023

Here we reveal exclusive insights from local players and insiders like Biologi and Mary Grace Cosmetics on how Australia’s cosmetics industry is evolving under the pressure of economic uncertainties.

Australia’s profile as a dominant force in the global beauty industry was significantly enhanced this year, thanks to not one, but two high-profile acquisitions.

The first was L’Oréal’s acquisition of avant-garde beauty brand Aesop​. Valued at a staggering $2.525 billion, it is the French beauty conglomerate’s largest deal to date and one of Australia’s biggest beauty success stories.

The other was Kao Corporation’s deal to buy Bondi Sands​. The Japanese personal care major viewed its decision to acquire Bondi Sands, which specialises in self-tanning and sun care products, as a pivotal move to strengthen its position in the skin protection category.

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