59% of Women Want to Focus on Looking Healthy Rather than Young via Professional Beauty

20 October 2022

New research from Avon has found that women in the UK over the age of 40 are finding a new sense of confidence and content with ageing and are less fearful about growing older.

The new report titled ‘The Power in Ageing’ published by Avon highlights the findings of a global study of women across seven countries and three continents, discovering what it really means to age in 2022.

Three in five (59%) women in the UK said that they feel their confidence is improving as they age, with over half (51%) agree that ageing is not something to fear.

These shifts in attitude and opinion are linked to the pandemic, with 66% agreeing that the pandemic has made them realise that life is fragile and that getting older is something to appreciate.


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By Lucy Brown – Jul 05, 2022
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