Cosmetics as Essential Everyday Companions – the Psychological and Physical Relevance of Cosmetic Products for People via IFSCC

12 December 2022

The importance of cosmetic products for people takes centre stage in this in-depth psychological-representative study. Six relevant motives for use show how essential the products surveyed, such as toothpaste, deodorant, fragrance, face care, shower gel, body care, shaving and beard care, decorative cosmetics, nail polish are for people, more particularly, also in their diversity.

People perceive cosmetic products as cultivating, socially relevant, expressing values, individualising, structuring in everyday life and rejuvenating. All this contributes towards people not being able to imagine life without the products used by them and that without them, they feel drastically restricted in their self-determination, self-realisation and self-esteem. Overall, it was possible to prove that cosmetics have more than just a superficial influence on the human condition. The respondents found that all the products they use are very important. Each product is psychologically relevant in its meaning – often also in its different forms of presentation. This is because products are expected to meet diverse customer needs. The demands on the products have even increased.

Because products are less and less often used in an inexperienced and unquestioned manner. More and more often, people are looking for the best possible alternative and want further specifications and offers. A wide variety of consistencies, fragrances, sizes, packaging formats for different skin types, phases of life as well as seasons and times of day is essential for almost all respondents. In addition to product performance and tolerability, sustainability is another increasingly important factor,
although this was not the focus of the survey.

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By H. Neibecker, I. Imdahl

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