Cost-efficiently Identify Pigmenting/whitening Agents with an Innovative High-Throughout Screening Approach by Phenocell

18 December 2022

Ethnicity-specific claims have become paramount to product adoption in key EMEA markets. Quantifying cell pigmentation with traditional methods, such as melanin extraction, is time consuming.

Taking advantage on recent advances in pluripotent stem cell biology and flow cytometry automation, our R&D Team has developed a simple and straightforward in vitro assay using melanocytes derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) and high-throughout flow cytometry to screen and classify molecules/compounds according to their ability to modulate pigment production.

The platform has been validated in a variety of melanocytes from African, Caucasian or Asian genetic background and yielded confirmed Hits.




Brigitte Onteniente , President

Tel: +33(0)4 89 35 43 32

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