Evaluation of the Effect of Exposome on Skin Barrier Integrity in Psoriatic Patients by CIDP

23 March 2023

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease affecting the skin and joints and characterized by the hyperproliferation of the epidermis, elongated and prominent blood vessels and a thick perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate. Previous studies have suggested that ambient dust pollution could promote psoriatic relapses and induce production of inflammatory mediators. Forerunner in the dermo-cosmetic field, CIDP has developed an ex-vivo/in-vivo approach where corneocytes collected from tape strips of psoriatic lesioned zone are exposed to our innovative, standardised and controlled pollution exposure system (CPES).

Their findings demonstrated a compromised skin integrity and a decrease in mechanic resistance and hydrophobicity markers in skin exposed to pollution. Their findings also demonstrated that this ex vivo/in vivo approach can be used to characterize the biological effect of external stressors on pathological skin.






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