Ex-vivo Human Skin Model to Investigate the Modulation of Pigmentation Induced by Blue Light Radiation by Cutech

18 December 2022

Cutech, now part of Symrise Group, is an Italian biotech that offers screening services based on unique pre-clinical models for skin and related annexes (hair, sebaceous glands).

We focus on ex-vivo human skin models based on a distinctive tissue culture, image analysis and bioinformation know-how developed over the last 20 years. Cutech’s ex-vivo testing systems provide a high predictive value to the in-vivo situation. Our models and tests allow to gain in-depth information concerning the efficacy as well as mechanism of action of cosmetic ingredients and finished formulations.

In order to respond to  market needs, we constantly develop new innovative test models and offer tailor-made services.

Cutech’s screening services allow for a faster approach to clinical trials, thus increasing the speed-to-market.

Cutech offers a comprehensive technology platform based on the following core assets:

  • proprietary and validated ex-vivo human skin models
  • reconstructed skin models
  • in-vitro primary skin and hair follicle cell cultures
  • constantly updated list of cellular and molecular read-out parameters
  • proprietary image analysis and bioinformatic technologies
  • in-depth know-how of skin, hair and sebaceous gland biology


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Marco MassironiDirector of Screening Services & Operations

E-mail:  marco.massironi@cutech.it / Tel: +39 049 762 8532



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