Exposome, UV and Skin Homeostasis via International Journal of Molecular Sciences

9 March 2023

The exposome represents the total exposure to xenobiotics or environmental factors that a human or animal organism undergoes, from its conception to the end of life through different gateways into our body (skin, lungs, digestive tract, etc.). The exposome acts on all of our cells and tissues, and, in combination with genetic and/or epigenetic factors, may be responsible for physiological disorders such as aging or chronic diseases. At the molecular level, it acts directly on biomolecules, receptors and modifies intracellular and extra-cellular signaling.
Determining the mechanisms of action, signaling pathways and targets is essential to understand the effects of this exposome. The use of omics techniques allows a global approach to the understanding of these mechanisms, the discovery of exposure markers and markers of effects, as well as the identification of therapeutic targets to reduce or eliminate the risks induced by this exposome.

The skin in general and the epidermis in particular, which is the outermost layer of the skin, represents a real barrier against chemical and physical aggressions such as pollutants, UV and ionizing radiations.

In this special issue, we invite you to participate and we expect original works addressing the cellular and molecular effects of exposome in tissue and particulary skin homeostasis using several in vitro or in vivo models (2D, 3D, organoids or animals), the implementation of omics approaches and the analysis of data obtained, suited for assessing the molecular mechanisms and signaling of exposome, the discovery of biomarkers of exposure/effects and the identification of molecular targets able to modulate the effect of the exposome.

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