FOCUS-Live Webinar on Microbiota – December 8th, 2022 at 3pm (CEST)

3 November 2022

How to Evaluate the Skin Microbiota ?

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December 8th – 3 pm [CET]

After the edition of the Focus #7, an expert panel discussion newsletter, dedicated to the analyze of the skin microbiota that will be published on Tuesday 6th December, Skinobs organizes a new Focus-Live dedicated to this specific evaluation.

During one hour we will offer you a unique panorama of the quantification of the skin microbiota to answer the claim substantiation of pre/post/pro-biotic, anti-pollution or healthy skin… This Focus-Live will gather the point of view of 3 experts.

Skinobs is glad to invite you to attend the FOCUS-LIVE free webinar dedicated to the skin microbiota evaluation for personal care and actives of the Beauty industry.

  • On Thursday 8th December 2022
  • At 3:00 p.m. [CET]

Intertek and Phylogene, recognised Testing Labs, will present their latest approaches about the best ways to study the skin microbiota.

? To directly receive the link, please send a message to Inès at

Overview of Microbiota Testing

Finally if you can not wait to get the best global outline of this subject of evaluation, until this Free webinar, just consult both Preclinical Testing or Clinical Testing platforms and retrieve all methods and testing providers:

? Preclinical testing platform            
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  • 10 methods offered by
  • 35 testing laboratories
  • in 7 countries

?‍⚕️ Clinical testing platform
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  • 10 methods offered
  • 22 testing laboratories
  • in 12 countries


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