Glyco-microbiote studies by GLYcoDiag: Microbiote-corneocytes adhesion model by GLYcoDiag

20 October 2022


GLYcoDiag, with its two expertises in microbiote and glycosciences services always aims to accelerate the development of the cosmetic actives through innovative and miniaturized
methods. Since more than two years now, we propose to study the effect of a product on the adhesion of microorganisms on skin cells (corneocytes and/or keratinocytes). This in vitro model is useful for screening of new actives and/or to confirm the effect of your molecules on microbiote-skin adhesion or their antifouling properties.

We have recently upgraded this method through the monitoring of adhesion of up to 4 different strains simultaneously. The upgraded model is now adapted to study the effect of products on the adhesion of different mix of four strains on corneocytes, giving a more complex environment that is more representative of the skin (proportions, identity and number of species can be modulated according to the targeted skin environment).

Additional analysis can be performed in liquid media as usual to study the effect of your product on microorganisms metabolism. GLYcoDiag has also developed several co-culture models (standard, sebaceous, dry and wet) that enable to study prebiotic or bactericidal/bacteriostatic effect on strains in presence of a product.

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