March 30th, 2023: SGS proderm Webinar about Ophthalmologic Product Safety and Efficacy

23 March 2023

On Thursday 30th March, 2023 at 3pm

The investigation of product effects on the eye can be based on a wide variety of motivations: Ophthalmological studies with cosmetic products, for example, often pursue the goal of proving the ‘tolerability’ of the product. On the other hand, tests with medical devices or medicinal products usually focus on the topic of ‘efficacy’.


  • Anatomy and examination of the eye
    • Subjective and objective assessments
    • Methods / devices
  • Which products can be tested in clinical studies?
  • Recruitment of patients and subjects
    • Patients with eye diseases (allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, inflammations in and around the eye)
    • Subjects with sensitive eyes, contact lens wearers
    • Children and babies, diabetics
  • Study designs
    • Ophthalmologic use tests (application around the eye).
    • Eye instillation tests (application in the eye), ‘No Tears’ test
    • Efficacy studies
  • Product claims: ophthalmologically approved, ‘No Tears’.
  • Questions and answers


Sandra Bleckwenn – Senior Business Development Manager Medical

Kristin Deuble-Bente – Head of Clinical Evaluations


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Stephan Bielfeldt

Director Research 


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