NeOse: Imagine if you could record a smell ? Olfactory & gustatory sensors by Aryballe Technologies.

10 May 2016

O’cell SPR prism

The key element of our gas-imaging device is a SPR prism functionalized with a specific set of several tenth of biosensors which can identify hundreds of different odors.


O-senseembedded sensor

Our SPR based hardware technology combines specific:  – microfluidic system – chemically functionalized optical sensors – image acquisition and processing softwares.


NeOseportable device

NeOse TM is the first universal portable odor detection device. Il will be connected to a database which self-expand over the time

Because it is not always easy to recognize and quantify an odor, we are combining different technologies to directly analyse and quantify Volatile Organic Compounds responsible for smells and tastes.


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