Panel Discussion about Health-Ageing by TKS

20 October 2022

Callaghan Consulting International, Hamburg, Germany

A biochemist, with more than 35 years in skin research and cosmetic science, Dr. Callaghan has served in key R&D roles for a number of international companies across Europe. Remaining in the EU and based in Germany, she established Callaghan Consulting International (CCI), in 2008. CCI is a leading specialist consultancy, dedicated to ingredient suppliers as well as brands, pursuing discipline and scientific advancements involved in the cosmetic claims development process ( A widely published author and co-author, she also wrote the popular book ‘Help! I’m Covered in Adjectives-Cosmetic Claims & The Consumer’, and writes the monthly Claims Insights column for EuroCosmetics2Go. Dr. Callaghan serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, and is an advisor to TKS Science Publisher (Italy). She is also lecturer on the University of Sunderland’s (UK) MSc Cosmetic Science course.



‘Age is just a number’… ‘Age is how you feel’… ‘Behave and think younger’… So many statements like these are common today, and over the years our cosmetics industry has successfully taken advantage of people’s fears and anxiety when it comes to getting ‘old’. The process of ageing however, is a complicated one. While brands and product advertising focus on what we ‘see’, our health and how we ‘feel’ play very important roles, since ageing of the skin is also tied to ageing processes of our body in general. So, how do we see ageing skin today? What lessons have we learned from the past? What could the future hold? This commentary article discusses the perspectives of eleven panellists from providers to the cosmetic industry, and considers what challenges we still face, and opportunities for the future.



Anti-ageing skin care: a product group in a state of flux TORSTEN CLARIUS -Senior Business Development Manager for active ingredients, EMEA, BASF

Menopause- the next frontier in the debate on inclusion and diversityMARIANA YAMAMOTO – Skincare Products and Marketing Manager, Chemyunion

Ageing hair is associated with loss of colour, texture and even alopecia. What other symptoms of hair ageing have been identified. How is the industry responding to these? What are the new scientific breakthroughs and technologies?AMANDINE WERLE – Marketing Specialist – Clariant Natural Ingredients, Clariant

Overview of where we’ve been and where we are now as regards ageing – understanding of the skin/hair/nails. Successes and failures. Scientific challenges going forwardHARALD VAN DER HOEVEN – Director Product Design and Development, CLR Berlin GmbH

Is pro-ageing the news anti-ageing?ANDREA MITAROTONDA Consultant in Cosmetic Formulation Chemistry, United Kingdom

Embracing ageing: examining the trends and active ingredients helping the healthy ageing market bloomSARAH SMITH Product Manager for Actives, Cornelius Group

On the path of slowing down aging: the combination of bespoke beauty wellbeing STEFANIA ZANZOTTERA Marketing Manager, ROELMI HPC

Healthy aging, from contemporary cosmetic trends to cutting-edge scientific expertiseALINE RIGAL-DACHAUD Innovation Management Project Leader, SILAB

How neurosensory evaluation contributes to the pro-ageing claim substantation? ANNE CHARPENTIER, CEO, Skinobs


Read all the discussion panel: TKS Anti-ageing – discussion panel -22.10

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