PhD Trials will be, Once More, Presenting its Innovations at in-cosmetics Global in Barcelona

16 March 2023

Their team of specialists will present new methods involving the use of the new Raman Spectroscopy System. It consists of a very advanced and non-invasive optical method that can measure new and interesting parameters of the skin, opening the possibility to new applications and investigations, such as the evaluation of an ingredient penetration, a very detailed water content assessment, the analysis of the stratum corneum thickness and the analysis of skin composition.

On the other hand, PhD Trials® researchers developed new methods regarding Advanced Image Analysis giving the possibility to create the average subject of a study. This method is based on 2D (VISIA®) or 3D images (VECTRA® and AEVA-HE®) of a full panel included in a study and can create a new image of a non-existing subject, analyzing and visualizing the mean of interest parameters, particularly related with anti-aging effects.

Besides, there will be the presentation of the new sensorial studies based on the concept of Emossome. As PhD Trials® defined, the Emossome is the space that surrounds and influences the skin inducing neurosensorial activity. To quantify and analyze this Skin-Brain link, several methods were defined. On one side, by means of a new AI algorithm that uses the detection of Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Facial Expression Analysis (FACS) of a subject, it is possible to conclude about how strong and what type of feelings a subject is experiencing in the moment of testing a product. On the other side, it can be monitored the Eye Movement of a subject when watching a series of concept images in 2D and in Virtual Reality Environments. And the last but not the least, it is also possible to evaluate the Electrical Activity of the Brain performing an Electroencephalography (EEG) or recording the Electrical Activity generated by the muscle contractions making by Electromyography (EMG).

Considered as one of the most innovative testing CROs of the world, PhD Trials® experts will be glad to show to all our current and future customers “what is new” from our test protocols and methods.


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