A CEHTRA-designed Tool Dedicated to your Cosmetics Safety Assessment

7 February 2022

CEHTRA has been specialized for 20 years in assisting companies with regards to the regulatory compliance of their chemical substances or products in France, Europe and even internationally. With a team of 70 people, CEHTRA covers a dozen sectors including REACH, biocides, plant protection products and cosmetics. Its toxicologists, ecotoxicologists and chemists provide their expertise to ensure the regulatory compliance of products.

The specific digital tools designed by CEHTRA, for its consultants and for its clients, aim to ensure the best data management. COSMETICK is the tool dedicated to cosmetics.

It consists of several databases, dedicated to ingredients, impurities, fragrance components, and raw materials, and a specialized application for the risk assessment of cosmetics products.



According to the requirements of Annex I of the European Cosmetic Regulation n°2323/2009: a toxicological profile with its toxicological reference values such as the NOAEL must be provided for each ingredient of a product placed on the market. Impurities may also require proof of their safety.

COSMETICK allows to answer to this need to provide toxicological profiles.

These are prepared by our experienced toxicologists and are regularly updated, which is particularly useful in a field where regulatory and scientific updates  are the key driving forces. Cross-cutting regulations and various scientific opinions further enrich these updates.

In the BASIC license of this tool, the user can search and consult the available profiles. The CEHTRAPEDIA module displays for each substance all the texts citing the substance, in particular the regulatory data, such as the Annexes of the European Cosmetic Regulation, the CORAP program of ECHA, the IFRA standards, the Californian Proposition 65…

Whereas in the ADVANCED license, the user can consult this information from the lists, even for a profile that is not yet present in the database of profiles. Moreover he can consult and export the available profiles, as well as add his own confidential/in house data.  He can ask some additional toxicological profiles to CEHTRA.

COSMETICK was created in 2018 for internal use, and it is offered to its customers via 2 types of licenses since 2021. To date, it contains more than 2600 profiles and its progression is very regular.




COSMETICK is also, and above all, a tool to assist in the toxicological evaluation of cosmetic products. In a very simple and intuitive way, the users enters their projects via the list of raw materials and the expected exposure. In 2 clicks, they can view the Margins of safety table, with various alert fields and useful links. Last but not the least, they can  obtain a modifiable document gathering the calculations, the profiles, and the rationale applicable to the formula, in order to easily conclude on the expected safety.

CEHTRA’s customers describe COSMETICK as a simple, intuitive, rich tool, allowing them to save time in writing their Safety Reports.

The 2 types of licenses are associated with different advantages such as free writing of additional profiles, a newsletter, etc, and soon eco-toxicological profiles.

You can ask for a free demo, either via the link available on the dedicated web page, or by writing to us.




Clarisse Bavoux

Head of the CEHTRA Cosmetics and Data Management Manager

Tel: 07 78 41 31 11

Clarisse.bavoux@cehtra.com ou cosmetick@cehtra.com



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