Silab Expands Biotechnology Laboratory in Saint-Viance

17 October 2022

Natural active ingredient engineer Silab has opened a new biotechnology laboratory at its Saint-Viance headquarters in central France.

The company said the facility is more ergonomic and better sized to explore the potential of various microorganisms in order to develop innovative biotechnological raw materials for the production of natural active ingredients with high added value.

“This new facility was necessary to support the growing activity generated by increased customers’ demand for biotechnology products,” said Xavier Gaillard, deputy general manager for strategy at SILAB.

“It is part of a global program of €9 million invested over the last three years in biotechnologies, alongside industrial projects,” he added.

Silab aims to continue increasing its share of natural active ingredients of biotech origin, which today represents 20% of its catalogue.

Brigitte Closs-Gonthier, deputy general manager for innovation at SILAB, adds: “Microorganisms are so diversified that they open up an immense field of possibilities. Biomimetic approaches also make it possible to develop new processes, such as bioguiding.

“This is an area where much remains to be discovered. It offers tremendous prospects for the development of new innovative active molecules.”

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