Hair follicle bulb developed as 3D scaffold free microtissue – SID – VitroScreen

27 April 2017

VitroScreen will present its last results obtained with hair follicle bulb as 3D scaffold free microtissue at the e-poster session SID – Portland – 25-29 April 2017


The hair follicle is a self-renewing “mini-organ” which undergoes to continuous cycles of growth and regression. As reported in the study of Higgins et al. (2013, PNAS), dermal papilla cells deeply modify their gene expression profile when cultured as monolayer, but the transcriptional pattern can be partially restored when they are cultured as 3D spheroids. The hanging drop technology was applied to develop a DPF-ORSK co-culture in order to create a scaffold free “proto-follicle”.
A multi-parametric approach was adopted in order to characterise the model and to have a comprehensive view of its evolution during culture time.
Viability by quantitative measure of cellular ATP and H&E staining coupled with immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescence on selected biomarkers served to monitor the presence and maintenance of type-specific features of the two cell populations (ck6, collagen IV).


Read more… VitroScreen-SID-CAVIOLA ET AL SID 2017 26.04.2017



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