L’Oréal uses ultrathin skin devices to measure hydration and thermal transport By Cosmetics Design-europe.com

3 July 2015

9 june 2015 .

The cosmetics industry is no stranger to technology and L’Oréal has demonstrated how a wearable device could have a big future in cosmetology and dermatology for thermal evaluations in a non-invasive manner.
The skin is, after all, our body’s largest organ and can actually communicate with us, says L’Oreal, to let us know about its thermal condition, thickness of its outermost layer, and heat transfer; which in turn can provide us with information and analysis of the effectiveness of active compounds.
By wearing a band aid-like device like the one pictured at the top of the page, it means that companies can find out the condition of the skin at certain points and develop products that specifically target certain issues.
“Developments in wireless technology will provide a path to continuous monitoring of skin properties and function using these concepts,” says the research team.

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