Partnership Research with a Korean Lab for Development of skin simulation model to investigate percutaneous absorption by EEN

7 September 2015

A Korean company is trying to develop a simulation model to investigate percutaneous absorption of compounds.
The company is trying to produce human skin equivalents including dermis and epidermis and to cultivate the tissues. However the first development has failed due to the wrong model of absorption test of compounds and medicinal substances. The company is searching for technologies to develop the in vitro prediction model by finding partners through technical or licensing agreement.


Partner sought


– Type of partner sought: Any kinds of organizations including academic labs, SMEs, start-ups, ventures, established companies and research institute funded by government (No limitation on type of partner)

– Specific area of activity of the partner: beauty, health, bio, pharmaceutical, food

– Task to be performed: to provide basic technology and collaborate for technology cooperation or licensing agreement


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