The Mass Spec Lab (California) provides third-party high tech testing from Cosmetics Design USA

14 January 2016

New chemical analysis company caters to startups in Southern California
By Deanna Utroske, 12-Jan-2016

The Mass Spec Lab provides third-party high tech testing to companies in personal care, cosmetics, and beyond that’s meant to elevate the level of accuracy and ease regulatory approval for smaller brands.
The new lab, which opened its doors just as 2015 was drawing to a close, expects the biggest portion of its clients to be in the biomedical device industry. Though, Mass Spec Lab also serves the fragrance, fine chemical, personal care, and cosmetics industries.

“I created Mass Spec Lab to meet this growing need,” said Christ.

“The pharmaceutical industry has been using mass spectrometry for quite some time, but we want to make this instrument available for startups,” Mass Spec co-founder Marie Dvorak Christ, tells the press.


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