Wound Healing in-vitro and ex-vivo by CIDP

25 April 2022

Wound healing is an essential process to ensure integrity and normal protective barrier function of the skin after injury. Wound healing includes hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation and migration of the cells at the wound edges. CIDP has developed in-vitro and exvivo methodologies to study the molecular mechanisms of wound repair, as well as in the investigation of potential treatments for improved healing.

In-vitro assays englobe monitoring proliferation and migration of cells at the wound site using imaging software and immunostaining of components of the extracellular matrix. Ex-vivo, mechanical or thermal injuries can be performed, and proliferation markers can be evaluated. The monitoring of inflammatory response or cellular crosstalk via the levels PDGF, and proinflammatory cytokines can be assessed through ELISA assays.


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