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Adding an Advanced Digital Traceability Tool to our Naturals Together™ Platform by Firmenich

1 June 2021

Firmenich builds its leadership in Naturals on three pillars: sustainable procurement standards, responsible sourcing –  including certified collections of ingredients and a strong involvement at source – and innovation. The addition of Path2Farm™ will target fully digitalized traceability for fragile and complex supply chains.

“Path2Farm™ represents one of the outcomes of our industry-leading sustainable business model. It demonstrates how Firmenich turns ambitious ESG commitments into clear achievements. Our objective is to register 10,000 farmers in the traceability program by 2025.”

Gilbert Ghostine, CEO


Path2Farm™, a digitalstep for traceability

Path2Farm™ by Firmenich, is a proprietary digital traceability solution.

Through batch numbers and physically segregated qualities, we ensure traceability on the full chain of custody, from registered famers to final products.



Path2Farm™ traces the origins of ingredients, starting from the hands that grow them.
Through batch numbers it registers the ingredient chain of custody, from farmers to final product.


To ensure a positive impact, Path2Farm™ tracks how environmental sustainability and social responsibility are followed through their process.
It documents how local communities are supported in their education, health and livelihood.


Path2Farm™ shares the most accurate information from sensitive producer communities to the final customer. By certifying their origin, Path2Farm™ collects fact-based data about product quality, socioeconomics and agricultural practices.


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By Firmenich