Alphenyx specialized on human tissues used in the research

24 April 2017

Alphenyx is a French biotech company based in Marseille, within the Grand Luminy Technopole. We are specialized in sourcing, transformation and use of human-origin bio-specimens for research applications, in particular for toxicity and efficacy testing, as an alternative solution to animal testing. We propose different types of products: skin explants, dermatomed skin disks, blood-derived materials and human primary cells.

We established a local network of tissue acquisition, which allows a rapid sourcing of human tissues in our laboratories for optimal quality. One of our strength is the development of an innovative system for production and quality control of dermatomed skin disks. In contrary to the classical micrometer survey, measuring only few points, our system collects more than 100 points, allowing us to deliver skin material with homogenous thickness.

We also propose human primary cells, including keratinocytes, fibroblasts, melanocytes, matrix cells, ADSC, pre-adipocyte, PBMCs, cryopreserved at low passage and fully characterised by flow cytometry, for optimal quality.

Our R&D team works on the development of new products in order to fulfil our customer needs. For example, primary human sebocytes will be available in the near future.

027.alphenyx.logo carré


Dr Laetitia Rapetti-Vachieri
tel: +33 4 86 94 85 19

Technopole Grand Luminy, Case 922
163 avenue de Luminy
13288 Marseille Cedex 09

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