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AMA Expands SPF Department via Happi

26 September 2017

AMA is proud to announce the new expansion of our SPF department.

Due to the overwhelming demand for our SPF services we have acquired additional state-of-the-art Multiport Solar Simulators modified to expedite PPD and SPF studies, engineered and installed fully automated water immersion tanks for rapid water resistant claims and finally to compliment our already world famous reputation hired and trained additional laboratory photobiologist technicians.

We have also expanded the In-Vitro Department to accommodate additional IR, HEV High energy Visible and also Blue Light Testing, available immediately. New to our 3D department is color managed PolyChrommetrix, Flexible 3D Prints. With this new proprietary technology, you can not only see but actually FEEL the effect of your product without ever touching an affected human skin.

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