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Anti-aging claim substantiation: Which test for which claim? online course via Specialchem

 Online course – WednesdayMay 31,2017

Speed up your anti-aging claims assessment and generate easy-to-understand and visual results for marketing use in today’s digital era by adopting latest methodologies & best practices for protocol design and testing.

Anne Charpentier (25+ years’ experience in cosmetics assessment) will:

  • Provide a comprehensive and independent overview of the current anti-ageing assessment methods and devices.
  • Share guidelines for efficient protocol designing.
  • Help you develop simplified test results to support your anti-aging claims.




      • Testing needs
      • Regulation approach (FR, EU)
      • Protocol design and best practices (on human testing)

Anti-aging claims: list of claims concerned

      • What test methods (principles, instrumentation, type of results…)?
      • What devices manufacturer and where ?
      • How to generate simple & visual test results for marketing use?

Innovations in anti-aging assessment

30 mins Q&A – Ask your questions directly to the expert !

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