6 December, Anti-pollution Claims: How to test and document them? via SpecialChem

30 November 2017

 Why should you attend?
“Pollution damage” to skin and hair had been mentioned years ago, but no real work on testing for this existed. Now, when you work on anti-pollution claims, you must use new concepts and “story telling”. But the lack of general agreement on what anti-pollution claims really mean and how to substantiate them pose a big challenge! In the absence of industry-wide recognized parameters & test methods, how should you proceed ?
Find out by joining this course!
You will:
  1. Get a head-start into anti-pollution claims by understanding the type of products that can be used togenerate anti-pollution protection
  2. Be fully armed to develop such claims by learning about test methods, criteria for selecting instruments, and how to measure & document such effects & benefits
  3. Know how to deliver credible substantiated anti-pollution claims that hold up against increased scrutiny of authorities & consumers by knowing the regulatory & ethical limitations


Who should attend?

Ingredient suppliers, formulators, product development managers, marketing & communications specialists, and those working in regulatory affairs department looking to deliver substantiated anti-pollution claims.

Save time and easily find the methods and the testing suppliers to substantiate your actives and cosmetics claims.

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