Biophyderm coupled clinical studies and acceptability questionnaire

19 April 2017

In-use tests should be performed on all cosmetic products. Indeed, they enable the use of the finished product in real conditions on healthy volunteers, either female or male, aged between 18 and 65 years old, selected in Biophyderm’s large panel according to specific study criteria.

These clinical studies represent 70% of our yearly activity. Their length is adapted to the product type, from 14 days for soaps to at least 28 days for anti-aging products. At the end of each in-use test, a psycho-sensorial acceptability questionnaire is handed to each subject involved in the study who should thoroughly respond to all questions, as their outcome is a great source of claims for marketing.

At the end of the period test, a tolerance assessment, combined with a scoring of the clinical effects can be done by either a dermatologist, a gynecologist or an ophthalmologist, depending on the product tested.

Instrumental methods are often coupled to the previous subjective evaluation. For products, such as slimming cosmetic products, some centimetric as well as cutometer measurements are done.




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