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Cell Isolation

17 December 2018

Adherent cells can easily be isolated using the Cytosurge FluidFM micropipette. Selectively shower the cell of interest with trypsin or any other dissociation reagent.

Then, apply a gentle negative pressure to harvest the cell with the micropipette. You can then move to another well to isolate the cell by approaching the surface and applying a positive pressure through the microfluidic channel of the micropipette.

The FluidFM BOT system was designed and engineered by the Swiss company Cytosurge. As base of the system Cytosurge decided to use Olympus IX83 Imaging platform reknown for its precision and stability. The Cytosurge FluidFM BOT brings together the best of both worlds, uniting Cytosurge’s innovative microfluidics- and force microscopy-based solution for nano-injection, nano-extraction, cell isolation and nano-printing with Olympus long standing expertise in multi-dimensional live cell imaging.


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