CellSystems and ATERA announced a close collaboration

8 September 2017

CellSystems and ATERA to expand their on-going collaboration by co-marketing ATERA’s ‘on demand’ advanced 3D-tissue model R&D and specialized contract research services. On July 3, 2017, CellSystems Biotechnologie Vertrieb GmbH (Troisdorf, Germany) www.cellsystems.de and ATERA SAS (Sophia Antipolis, France) www.ateralabs.com announced a close collaboration for the commercialization of the epiCS® human skin models, including human epidermis, tanned epidermis and full thickness skin.

Both companies will work together to boost the sales of the epiCS® skin models and related products as well as testing applications by co-marketing cross-sectorial. CellSystems has successfully validated the epiCS® human epidermis model for skin corrosion testing (OECD Test Guideline 431) and skin irritation testing (EURL ECVAM ESAC Opinion June 24, 2016).

Both companies have agreed to expand their collaboration and will co-market ATERA’s advanced 3D tissue model development, an ‘on demand’ service allowing its clients to access ATERA’s platform of tissue engineering for the production of 3D models of both healthy as well as specific diseases (using patient’s cells) of a variety of organs including skin, epithelia, cornea, lung, intestine, BBB, brain, with or without vascularization.

In addition, ATERA offers specialized services based on advanced detection techniques such as impedance spectroscopy, a non-invasive and highly sensitive method to assess biochemical and morphological changes in tissue integrity after exposure to test compounds. Other services include wound healing, mildness testing, eye irritation recovery, as well as efficacy testing (anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, amongst others).

CellSystems and ATERA are tissue-engineering companies specialized in the development, validation, manufacturing and commercialization of advanced human tissue models as reliable, cost-effective, high-quality and more conscientious alternative for animal experimentation in product evaluation, industrial safety and efficacy as well as medical research.

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For more information, please contact:

Mr. Horst Fuchs at CellSystems

Phone: +49 2241 25515-0

E-mail: horst.fuchs@cellsystems.de

info@cellsystems.de – www.cellsystems.de

Mr. Bart De Wever at ATERA

Phone: +33 6 87 21 40 68

E-mail: b.dewever@ateralabs.com

Saleinfo@ateralabs.com – www.ateralabs.com

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