CERCO a French CRO interested to test your Institute skincare

20 January 2017

The origin of the CERCO, was a chemist, cosmetologist, a dermatologist and a beautician. For 40 years, the CERCO has always kept in his team beauticians for their expertise in the products application requiring a repeatable application (makeup specificity). Also, we put their skills to the service of the Institute brands wishing to study their future care. Trained in gestures of each brand, we provide this care to check the good tolerance but also the efficacy of the different skincare association. We also validate the good tolerance for the beautician who manipulates these product associations several times a day. The benefits of these treatments are so valorized scientifically for the partner institutes, beauticians and the final client.

All of our technical platform is at the service of the claims whether on a single treatment or a cure, for face or body care. The subjective appreciation of volunteers and the beautician feedback on the care implementation complete the possible testing services.



5 rue St Georges

75009 PARIS

Tél : 01 42 66 00 34


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