CIDP has Developed ex vivo and in vivo Methodologies to Determine the Efficacy of Moisturizing Products

14 December 2021

Skin hydration plays an essential role for the barrier function of the skin and helps to shield from exposome such as pollution, ultraviolet radiation and prevent microbial contamination on the inside of the body. A hydrated skin physically limits water loss and prevents evaporation of essential ions and amino acids. Moisturizing skin care occupies a major segment of the cosmetics and Skin care market. CIDP, leader in dermatological testing, has developed several ex vivo and in vivo methodologies to determine the efficacy of moisturising products. Ex vivo, human skin explants can be used where biological markers implicated in cellular cohesion and cell-cell junctions can be monitored. This includes biomarkers such as Claudin-I, Occluding-I, Integrin and Collagen. Lipid synthesis as well as the epidermal differentiation and extracellular matrix synthesis can also be evaluated to determine the hydrating effect of a cosmetic product.

In healthy volunteers, the skin hydration can be evaluated based on the electrical properties of the skin such as conductance and capacitance that change with the water content of the skin. For this purpose, equipment such as the Corneometer® CM820, Tewameter® TM 300, VapoMeter can be deployed.


Florence Fournier

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