CIDP to unveil new anti-pollution testing protocold

18 April 2017

By Lucy Whitehouse , 04-Apr-2017

CIDP, Centre International de Développement Pharmaceutique , a Mauritius-based private and independent
Contract Research Organisation (CRO), has announced a new study protocol for substantiating anti-pollution
The company describes the protocol as innovative and is set to unveil it at the ongoing in-cosmetics Global show in
London. We caught up with Jessen Curpen, Biophysics Manager & Head of Clinical Study Design, CIDP, to discover more.

Why have you developed this new protocol?
Today, anti-pollution cosmetic products are creating a real buzz worldwide. Consumers are increasingly aware of the
negative impact that pollutants have on their skin, and they really want to protect themselves. Scientists in the field of
cosmetology and dermatology generally concur that pollution is the second precursor of extrinsic skin ageing, right after
Many laboratories are developing cosmetic products with the “anti-pollution” claim. However, till date, there is no standard
protocol to evaluate the efficacy of anti-pollution products. This is why CIDP embarked on developing novel protocols to
substantiate the anti-pollution claim.

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